IE’s aquatic services include:

  • The development of sampling plans and experimental designs
  • Stream, lake, wetland and esturarine bioassessment and field sampling
  • Surveys of native or exotic macroinvertebrate species
  • Sample processing, with rigorous quality assurance measures and sub-sort procedures in place to assure quality results
  • Identification of macroinvertebrate specimens to the level of taxonomic resolution requested by our clients
  • Biomass estimation with updated mass-length regression models
  • Secondary production estimates using size-frequency models
  • Flow web analyses and modeling
  • Data analysis including univariate, multimetric (State or regionally-specific Indices of Biotic Integrity “IBI”), fine and coarse scale, landscape or basin level, etc.
  • Calculation of metrics and guilds (e.g. IBIs, diversity, richness, % dominants, % tolerants and  intolerants, species composition, clingers & shredders, etc.)
  • Data interpretation
  • Assistance with grant writing, report writing and publishing

Contracts and Subcontracts

Invertebrate Ecology values contracting and subcontracting opportunities with agencies, companies, non-profits and laboratories. Go to our Aquatic Projects’ page to learn more about some of these projects and contracts.